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Is your accent holding you back?


Are you nervous about an upcoming speech or presentation?


Are confusing memos costing your company money?




can bring






You (or your employees) will learn to:


  • Lessen the impact of an accent or dialect on intelligibility.

  • Switch between accents as the situation requires.

  • Speak before an audience with poise, confidence, and a strong voice.

  • Write clearly and succinctly without “buzz words” or run-on sentences.





Training We Offer:














  • Increase your intelligibility and naturalness of speech.
  • Reduce the prominence of an accent or regional dialect.
  • Work with a Communication Consultant trained in the Compton P-ESL (pronunciation) method.

  • Get help preparing for an upcoming speech or presentation.
  • Practice speaking with proper manner and vocal technique.
  • Convey your message using the fewest words.

  • Eliminate lost productivity due to poor communication.
  • Bring clarity back to your company’s memos.
  • Find the right word to replace the (many) not-quite-right words.



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Anthony Mosley (owner) is a Certified Instructor in the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) method of accent modification. He spent nearly 20 years as a speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) and has worked as a writing teacher and publishing professional.

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