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Are you frustrated because, although you speak fluent English, people seem distracted by your accent?


Do you worry that listeners don’t understand you? (Or—worse—laugh at your accent or dialect?)


Are you ready to face these problems and to overcome them?


Then let’s get to work.



The Problem

You worked hard to become fluent in English.*

But you worry that your accent is holding you back—that people find it distracting, unintelligible, even humorous.

Now it’s time to take the next step—to refine your pronunciation so that your English sounds natural to native speakers and is easy for them to understand.  


How We Can Help

Our Accent Modification training starts where most English-language classes end.  You will learn:

  • To pronounce words using General American English (GAE), the dialect commonly used by newscasters, actors, and other voice professionals.
  • To “code switch” between GAE and your own accent / dialect according to your situation.
  • To feel confident speaking before a group, on the telephone, or in any public setting.

We offer Accent Modification training one-on-one via teleconference. 

In-person training is also available to individuals or groups (up to four clients) who live near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sessions are intensive, occurring once per week, with daily homework and feedback provided by your Speech Consultant.

(*Speech coaching is also available to persons who want to learn to “switch off” a regional dialect at times.)


Take a Brief Screening Test

Not sure how your accent sounds to others?

Take a brief screening test using this link:

We will get back to you shortly to tell you how your speech sounds compared to GAE.


Your Instructor

Your Speech Consultant—a Certified Instructor in the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) method of Accent Modification—will bring decades of experience to your pronunciation coaching.

If you are ready for others to focus on what you say, not how you say it, reach us today at +1-865-309-4093 /

Your Words Matter.  Be Understood.