Do you have a speech or presentation pending and feel unprepared?


Do you freeze or feel awkward in front of an audience?


Do you want to hold your listeners’ attention while putting them at ease?



Let’s prepare together.


The Problem

If you dislike speaking in front of an audience, you are not alone. 

Fear of public speaking affects up to 75% of adults.*

But that fear can stall your career. 

In a survey of more than 600 employers, “[good] oral communication” was the most sought-after skill; “presentation skills” came fourth.** 

Confidence with spoken communication has become even more vital in the age of the hybrid workplace. 

Many job interviews—especially for senior-level positions—now require a presentation to an interview panel, either in-person or online.**

If a presentation’s on your horizon, we are here to help.

(*J. Scott, March, 2022. “21 Public Speaking Statistics and Facts.”

(**T. Smedley, March, 2017. “Is Public Speaking Fear Limiting Your Career?” Worklife.)


How We Can Help

If you have a speech to give, we are here to assist you at every stage of preparation.

From initial concept to finished product, we can help you to

  • Refine your subject.
  • Write succinctly and compellingly (please see “Business Writing”).
  • Use proper voice technique, clear pronunciation, and appropriate manner (posture, gestures, facial expressions).
  •  Convey your message with conviction.

Public-Speaking Consultation is offered one-on-one via teleconference or in-person to clients who live near Knoxville, Tennessee.



Your Speech Consultant

Your speech consultant has worked with countless actors, pastors, singers, and other voice professionals to help them to refine their presentations, improve their speech clarity, and strengthen their voice projection.

You will have his undivided attention as you work together to prepare to face your audience.


 You are going to give a great speech. 


If you are ready to get to work, reach us today at  +1-865-309-4093 /

Your Words Matter. Be Understood.