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Are your company’s memos unintelligible?


Are they bloated with jargon, ambiguous statements, and run-on sentences?


Do you find it challenging to write clearly and concisely?



We can help.


Let’s get to work.



The Problem

The numbers tell the story.

Of 251 business leaders surveyed recently,* 72% said communication breakdowns had hampered their teams in the past year.

Employees spent an estimated 19.93 hours per week—nearly half of each workweek—writing emails, printed documents, pings, etc.; yet teams lost an estimated  7.47 hours per week to unclear writing.

The annual cost?

More than $12,500 per employee. That equals $625,000 for a company of 50 employees, or $125 million for a company of ten thousand.

Add damage to morale, growth, reputation—plus the new prevalence of the hybrid workspace, and the unique communicative challenges it brings—and communication breakdowns have never been more costly or more likely.

(*Grammarly/The Harris Poll, Feb., 2022. “The State of Business Communication.”) 


How We Can Help

If poor communication is harming your bottom line—or if your goal is to improve your own writing—we are ready to work with you.

We offer instruction in Business Writing to groups and individuals. We train globally (via teleconference) or in-person (to clients in Knoxville, Tennessee’s vicinity).

Sessions may last one hour, two hours, or a full day, depending on your needs.

Group sessions are engaging:  Activities may include “translating” bloated or ambiguous memos into plain English, playing “Acronym Feud,” or tackling other challenges.

Individual sessions may focus on a specific writing project, such as an article, speech, or presentation (please see “Public Speaking”).


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Your Writing Coach

Your writing coach is a published author who holds advanced degrees in Journalism and English. 

As a writing teacher, he has trained many students to write with concision and precision. 

As a publishing professional, he has helped to produce hundreds of finished books.


If you are ready to eliminate bad writing, reach us today at  +1-865-309-4093 /


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